MineBattle is currently in BETA.


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Listed here are our purchasable benifits. These are used to give access to additional features and content, improving your experience on MineBattle.

We don't sell pay-to-win content, or anything that will improve your minecraft PVP abilities. Our packages have one role - to let you have more fun!


Please ensure that you type the username you wish the package to be applied to correctly.

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Minebattle uses PayPal, an easy to use online payment system that supports multiple payment options.

Currently we would not recommend using e-cheques as a form of payment, as our system may not be able to handle the delayed payment process.

Design based on Overcast Network.

Any queries or problems? Contact us at the email below.


Please note that purchasing these packages does not have an impact on future bans, kicks or other forms of server punishments. We reserve the right to change these packages at any time and/or change your permission level at any time. Refunds are not available. Prices and package details are subject to change.